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Post: pt maja 07, 2021 9:41 am 

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Secondly, thanks for NBA 2K21 MT enjoying the corner guys out there. I have got over 2300 games played with a glass lock making a living off being at the corner. I really do try to move around a bit, maybe switch sides or move back and forth between corner and wing. My main role though is rebounds and shield and I really like it. I will get planks and block shots, so long as I'm not totally ignored on offense. I'll be alright with that, if I will put up 2 threes a game. I found it particularly funny when I got shit on for sitting at the corner by an interior force who spammed post hooks.

I've gotten bored of NBA2K: A short overview of my woes

So NBA2K21 is round the corner and NBA2K20 is still busy (to a degree I can resonable state I care). However.I am exceptionally booooooooored. Granted, I have been playing since a few months after launching and that I really don't have PS+ so that you could argue I'm not getting the most outta NBA 2K21. To this I say, even with PS! Lemme break down why I am bored with NBA2K for Cheap 2K21 MT a game. This si likely gonna piss someone off until you say anything, just know these are my comments and if you have a problem with opinions that aren't overwhelming praise, back off now. You 2K fanboys out of the room? Alright then. You were warned, if you ain't.

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Nowy temat Odpowiedz w temacie  [ Posty: 1 ] 

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